We frequently have Hebridean sheep for sale, including ewes, lambs or wethers as well as rams for hire.

Hebridean EwesEwes

Our pedigree ewes are well bred and make excellent mothers, usually managing to lamb with no intervention required.  The lambs are born hardy and able to stand and feed within a few minutes after birth.  We frequently have ewes available for sale but it is best to register your interest then we can see what we have suitable to suit your particular circumstances.


We have found that wethers make great training sheep for those interested in training dogs for sheepdog trials.  They remain tightly grouped, are easy to move and do not become too “dogged” (so used to dogs that they can no longer be used for training).

We keep a variety of wethers to accompany the rams and are happy to introduce you to the sheep on any occasion!

Hebridean sheep for saleWhy Keep Hebridean Sheep?

For anyone looking to find a breed or sheep that requires minimal care and attention, staying out all year round whilst being able to stay on top of all types of scrub and rough pasture, we thoroughly recommend the Hebridean.

Please contact us for further details.

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